R&D reports

R&D Reports from the year 2017
» "Automation creates a competitive advantage for us" (K-ZEITUNG, November 24, 2017)
» Highly dynamic and homogeneous heating of organo sheets (Dr. Mesut Cetin, Christian Herrmann, Stefan Schierl, Lightweight Design, 6/2017)
» Optimal adhesion with rotary table and special heat-balancing (K-Profi, December 2017)
» Improved Process and Component Quality when Using Recycled Materials (Dr. Stefan Kruppa, Kunststoffe international, November 2017)
» Previously Unheard-of Technology with Even More Potential (Jochen Mitzler, Mathieu Boulanger, Kunststoffe international, October 2017)
» Homogeneity is the key (Maximilian Schadhauser, Judith Martin, Martin Würtele, Prof. Peter Karlinger, Prof. Dr. Niels Modler, Kunststoffe international, September 2017)
» Microscope for processes and hardware (Dr. Stefan Kruppa, K-Magazin, 5/2017)
» Why Must the Process Control Make Corrections on Restart? (Dr. Stefan Kruppa, Kunststoffe international, September 2017)
» How are viscosity changes detected and corrected? (Dr. Reinhard Schiffers, Kunststoffe international, July 2017)
» Adaptive Process Control - What is it for? (Dr. Reinhard Schiffers, Kunststoffe international, May 2017)
» Cubed - not shaken (K-ZEITUNG, 8/2017)
» Screws for Large Shot Weights (Thomas Hungerkamp, Klaus Zeiler, Kunststoffe international, April 2017)
» A thermoset plastic in the injection molding machine (K-Zeitung, 24. February 2017)
» Automation Concepts for Manufacturing Fibre-reinforced Thermoplastic Components (Dr. Mesut Cetin, Christian Herrmann, Stefan Fenske, Lightweight Design, February 2017)